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walk back and forth on their horses. The buffalo
did this twice, and came to within about a hundred
yards of where we were lying. Suddenly It dis-
appeared over the brink of another ridge, and
White Dog shouted, 'Shoot him!3 But it was too

This buffalo was nothing more than two Crow
Indians disguised in one of their 'spying suits5.
Indians often disguised themselves as wolves, buf-
falo and antelope. This 'buffalo* was trying to
find out what we were; what tribe. And when
we did not give it a signal they knew that we were
an enemy.

We followed In the direction in which the
hunters had gone, and when we thought that we
might be close enough to .be in danger, our war
chief, Going Soul, sent out three scouts to find
where the Crows were going to camp for the

We stopped, and White Dog said that we had
better hold a 'Snow Dance'. Whenever Indians
Intended to raid for horses they always held a
'Rain Dance5 or a 'Snow Dance', to pray for wind
and storm under which to cover their raid.

We all crowd around the medicine-man as
tightly as we can, and while he goes through Ms
incantations and prays for rain, we all join him in
a chant which beseeches the elements to pour
down rain or snow. There is not much noise to